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‘Will definitely replace me’: Americans fear artificial intelligence will steal their jobs

‘Will definitely replace me’: Americans fear artificial intelligence will steal their jobs
Americans in the Lone Star State weighed in on job displacement from artificial intelligence, with several telling Fox News they believe their jobs would eventually be replaced.  “A lot of coworkers or people that I know have been laid off at Indeed and things like that because they don’t want to hire real people anymore,” said Gabriel, who works in tech. “They would just rather do AI.” WATCH MORE FOX NEWS DIGITAL ORIGINALS HERE Advances in AI could cause up to 300 million jobs to be lost or diminished globally, Goldman Sachs predicted in a March 26 report. Artificial intelligence could create “significant disruption” across labor markets worldwide by fully or partially replacing humans in the near future, according to the analysis. VOICE ACTORS WARN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COULD REPLACE THEM, CUT INDUSTRY JOBS AND PAY Cristine, a wound nurse, said she believed some medical professions wouldn’t be affected. “For fast foods or … customer service, I believe they’re gonna do AI in the future for that,” she told Fox News. “But as nurses, as doctors, as any medical provider, there’s no way they can replace an AI with the medical profession.” Yet ChatGPT may provide better medical advice than humans in some instances, according to a recent University of California San Diego study.  EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: WHAT IS IT USED FOR? Researchers asked a group of doctors and ChatGPT to answer the same random sample of roughly 200 medical questions posted on Reddit. A separate panel of health care professionals evaluated the answers for “quality and empathy” and preferred ChatGPT’s answers for nearly 80% of the responses. Dewey said he believed software engineering’s “higher abstraction” roles might stave off AI displacement, at least for the next few decades. “As far as writing code, AI will definitely replace me,” Dewey, himself a software engineer, said. “In terms of being strategic about what code to write and how to organize the code, AI’s still 30 years away from doing that, is my guess.” To hear the full interviews, click here. 
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