Who is sabotaging Biden, Putin’s pivot will mean permanent war and more Fox News Opinion

Who is sabotaging Biden, Putin’s pivot will mean permanent war and more Fox News Opinion
TUCKER CARLSON – Antifa is the armed militia of the Democratic Party and is back in force… Continue reading…  DC WHODUNIT – Biden’s documents scandal is now DC’s hottest guessing game: Who’s sabotaging the president?… Continue reading… BATHROOM BREAK – Court ruling could return sanity to school bathroom battle over gender identity… Continue reading… TOTAL WAR – Putin’s pivot in Ukraine will bring about permanent war in Europe… Continue reading… SEN. BERNIE SANDERS – Greedy pharma firms rip off Americans while Pfizer, Moderna swim in profits… Continue reading… TELLING THE TRUTH – Former Pussycat Dolls star was honest about the abortion trauma women endure. Here’s my story… Continue reading… WATCH: CLAY TRAVIS — Kids will still use TikTok despite bans… See the video ‘CORVETTE’ EXCUSE – Biden’s ‘Corvette’ excuse won’t cut it. Merrick Garland’s special counsel has a lot to do… Continue reading… BIDEN’S LAPDOGS – Biden’s document disaster has got media loyalists on the run… Continue reading… VIDEO OF THE DAY – Fox News host Laura Ingraham Laura Ingraham highlights the threat of Antifa and some of the members that attacked Atlanta over the weekend… Watch now… DOJ’S CRIME SURRENDER – Biden’s latest guidance on public safety puts us all at risk… Continue reading… JANICE DEAN – ‘I am the Storm’: How COVID and Cuomo launched me on a mission I never imagined… Continue reading… WATCH: TED WILLIAMS – Former D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams responds to Biden’s statement that police need to be retrained, says communities need to better support the police… See video…  THE KIDS ARE NOT ALRIGHT – Why does so much of Gen-Z hate America? Here’s why we can’t give up on them… Continue reading…  CARTOON OF THE DAY – Biden Family Garage Sale Check out all of our political cartoons…

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