Trump calls Pence a ‘very honorable man’ after Special Counsel Jack Smith subpoena

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump called former Vice President Pence a “very honorable man” after Special Counsel Jack Smith subpoenaed Pence as part of his investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and into Trump’s handling of classified documents after leaving office. Pence was subpoenaed by Smith after months of negotiations between Pence’s legal team and federal prosecutors. “Mike Pence is an honorable man,” Trump told Fox News Digital on Friday in an exclusive interview, but he laid out a number of areas he hopes Smith will consider and look into as part of his investigation. FORMER VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE SUBPOENAED BY SPECIAL COUNSEL OVERSEEING TRUMP INVESTIGATIONS “Are they going to look for the people that spied on my campaign?” Trump asked, referring to the FBI’s original investigation into whether Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. That investigation was taken over by then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller in 2017. After nearly two years, the investigation yielded no evidence of criminal conspiracy or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia to influence the 2016 election. Special Counsel John Durham has been investigating the origins of that probe since 2019.  “Are they going to look at Special Agent Charles McGonigal who was in charge of the Russia probe and just arrested for taking large amounts of money from Russia?” Trump asked, referring to McGonigal, who was recently indicted on charges of money laundering and other counts stemming from his “collusion” with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE LAUNCHES INVESTIGATION INTO EX-FBI OFFICIAL CHARGED OVER TIES TO RUSSIAN OLIGARCH McGonigal, who was a former special agent in charge of the New York FBI Counterintelligence Division, was charged for working on behalf of and taking money from Deripaska, who has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Deripaska was the same Russian oligarch who was working with Christopher Steele — the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier that served as the basis for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. RATCLIFFE: HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP WAS A PARTISAN DOMESTIC ‘DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN’ TRUMP TARGETED: A LOOK AT THE INVESTIGATIONS INVOLVING THE FORMER PRESIDENT; FROM RUSSIA TO MAR-A-LAGO As for the former vice president, it is unclear what prosecutors will seek from him, or whether Pence will invoke executive privilege. In November, after Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Smith as special counsel, Trump told Fox News Digital that he “won’t partake” in the investigation against him, calling it “the worst politicization of justice in our country.” “I have been going through this for six years — for six years I have been going through this, and I am not going to go through it anymore,” Trump told Fox News Digital Friday. “And I hope the Republicans have the courage to fight this.” “I have been proven innocent for six years on everything — from fake impeachments to [former special counsel Robert] Mueller who found no collusion, and now I have to do it more?” Trump said. “It is not acceptable. It is so unfair. It is so political.” 

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