3 Digit Combination Luggage Lock


59.95 $ Taxes

  • [TSA APPROVED LUGGAGE LOCKS WITH OPEN INDICATOR] The  TSA lock allows your luggage to be checked without damage to the lock. The TSA agent will open and relock your luggage after inspection. The Open Indicator pops up informing the traveler that his baggage was inspected, and it will automatically reset when the lock is opened with the combination.
  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] The luggage lock has a zinc alloy body and a hardened steel shackle that can withstand rough handling and is thin enough to fit through almost any luggage lock or zip-grip.
  • [VERSATILE LOCKS WITH BRIGHT COLORS] The Fosmon TSA luggage pack has four distinctly colored locks that can help you keep the combinations straight and make it easy to identify checked luggage. The extra locks are great for family trips or to keep as a backup.
  • [EASY TO READ AND SET DIALS]The numbers on the dials are easy to read without reading glasses, and you never need to worry about losing the key to your lock. You can easily reset the combination with a pen or other tool, with no worries about resetting it accidentally.
  • [LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY] Join millions of satisfied customers with our limited lifetime warranty, backed by our experienced and dedicated USA-based customer service.


100% TSA Compatible

The Fosmon Luggage Lock is TSA-approved. That fact is easily recognizable because of the Travel Sentry symbol on it, so you don’t need to worry that TSA will cut your locks and leave your luggage unsecured after inspection. Instead, TSA will unlock it with a key and relock it afterward, which you will always be aware of because of the Open Indicator popping up. The indicator will go back to its default position after you open the lock with the combination.

Performs Well In the Long Run

The body of the lock is made of zinc alloy that is light and sturdy. The hardened steel shackle is strong and thin enough to fit into small zipper holes. The lock is great for frequent travelers and will last for a long time.

Multiple Colors for Family Members

The four TSA locks come in four different colors, making them easy to have different codes when you share extra locks with travel partners. The distinct colors also make it easy for you to recognize your own locks when using them for lockers in public places, such as gyms or amusement parks. – Black, Blue, Pink, and Silver – 4 Pack

Reset Is Quick and Easy

The TSA luggage locks can be reset in four simple, quick steps. Simply turn the dials to the correct combination, press the reset button into the groove with a pen, turn the dials to the new combination, and then release the reset button.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

TUNS  has served millions of customers for more than 10 years and every product comes with a limited warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, reach out to our experienced and dedicated USA-based customer service for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please refer to Fosmon’s website for more information.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in

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