Republicans accuse Defense Department of pushing ‘woke garbage’ after DEI chief blasts White people

Republicans accuse Defense Department of pushing ‘woke garbage’ after DEI chief blasts White people

Republicans are accusing the Biden administration of using the Department of Defense to push “woke garbage” after Fox News Digital reported a series of disparaging tweets about White people by the chief diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) officer in the department’s education wing.

Kelisa Wing is the DEI chief at Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), which provides K-12 education to the DoD community in the U.S. and all over the world. After Fox News Digital reached out for comment for Tuesday’s story, Wing’s Twitter was put on private, but she did not respond.

She wrote in June 2020, “I’m exhausted with these white folx in these [professional development] sessions.”

“[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority, we don’t have power,” she continued.


“Caudacity” is a slang term that is used to describe audacity demonstrated by White people.

“[B]eing antiracist means being active against racism… you will NEVER arrive… stop centering this on whiteness,” Wing said. 

The DoDEA didn’t respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment on Tuesday’s story.

“Kelisa Wing is ‘exhausted’ with white people, but Americans are exhausted with this administration’s continued use of the Department of Defense for its woke garbage,” Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “That includes using our tax dollars to hire people who hate millions of Americans they’re supposed to serve and empowering them to indoctrinate our children with their racist message of division.

“Kelisa Wing is an embarrassment to the Department and a stain on this country,” he said. “She clearly has no business serving in government.”

“If President Biden wants to know why he has a recruitment problem and low morale, he need look no further,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told Fox News Digital. “Our troops want to fight and win America’s wars, not be lab rats for the left’s woke, racist fantasies.”

“I can’t emphasize how destructive these kinds of appointments are on our military,” added Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla. “The overemphasis on race stokes division among our troops and politicizes one of America’s most trusted institutions. I can also tell you the enemy doesn’t give a damn about our skin color and the Pentagon’s focus should be on standards required to win wars. Once we take back the House, we should absolutely hold investigations on Biden’s divisive programs at DOD as well as CRT indoctrination at our military academies.”

“When I was on the battlefield, the only thing that I needed to know about the soldiers to my left and right was that they were the best person for the job and that they were going to do everything in their power to complete our mission and get us home safely,” said Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla. “As a soldier, your race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status is irrelevant – all that matters is the uniform you’re wearing and the flag embroidered on your arm. You’re on the same team. I’m not sure how Ms. Wing earned the rank of Staff Sergeant without learning that lesson, but I can tell you that her comments are the exact opposite of everything our military is about.”

Fox News Digital reached out to the Department of Defense for Tuesday’s story, asking if Wing’s statements about White people were appropriate for a DoD employee involved in diversity, equity and inclusion, but did not receive a response.

On another occasion, Wing responded to a user who said, “I am exhausted by 99% of the white men in education and 95% of the white women. Where can I get a break from white nonsense for a while?”

Wing responded, “If another Karen tells me about her feelings… I might lose it…”

In another post, Wing responded to a user who criticized the DoD diversity chief’s article demanding all teachers take part in “dismantling racial oppression” and claimed that “racism is ingrained in the very fabric of our country.”

“Bye Karen,” Wing responded to the user.


Wing has also referred to former President Trump as the “whole boy version of a Karen” and former secretary of education Betsy DeVos as “the queen of Karens.”

DoDEA “directs… education programs for school-age children of Department of Defense personnel” and “provides support and resources to Local Educational Agencies throughout the United States that serve children of military families.” DoDEA schools are located in the United States, Europe, Pacific, western Asia, Middle East, Cuba, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Wing — who oversees curriculum at DoDEA, according to a press release — has also co-created children’s books that said that White people must confess their privilege and were de facto hurting Black people by being benefactors of unearned advantages.

“White privilege hurts a lot of people. If you are White you might feel bad about hurting others or you might feel afraid to lose this privilege,” the book, “What is White Privilege?” said.

It said that, “Overcoming White privilege is a job that must start with the White community.”

“[W]ill you really feel good at the end of the race when you look back and see others fighting obstacles that you didn’t even have?” the book added.

The book was reportedly taken down for review along with other radical-left titles by a Florida district, according to a nonprofit that monitors books taken down from the shelves.

“Honored to be involved with work that causes good trouble,” Wing said on Twitter about the report.

Fox News’ Hannah Grossman contributed to this report.

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