Petraeus to be questioned by Intel Chair Turner on top ‘pressing threats’ to US

Chairman Mike Turner of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is hosting an “open” hearing Wednesday with top national security experts, including former CIA Director David Petraeus, to discuss the most “pressing threats” facing the U.S. In an interview with Fox News Digital Tuesday before the State of the Union address, Turner, R-Ohio, previewed the first in a series of open hearings he will lead focused on engagement with members of the intelligence community.  The committee’s first hearing will feature Gen. Petraeus; Dr. Heather Wilson, a former member of Congress; retired Secretary of the Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, the former commander of U.S. European Command and 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe; and Sue M. Gordon, the former principal deputy director of national intelligence. Turner told Fox News Digital the hearing will look at the “most pressing” threats to the U.S., including China and China’s surveillance balloon, which was shot down by the Air Force over the weekend.  GEN. PETRAEUS SAYS UKRAINE, MILITARY READINESS TOP PRIORITIES FOR NDAA, VAX MANDATE OUTRAGE ‘MANUFACTURED’ “Well, we’re looking at some of the most pressing threats that we have. Certainly China and the spy balloon will come up. Also, the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. But there really are a number of issues that each of them will be able to contribute to as we look to what do we need to do over the next year to protect our country,” said Turner. The chairman said Biden’s handling of the spy balloon was “kind of like tackling the quarterback after the game is over. SPY BALLOON LIKELY SENT EXTENSIVE INTELLIGENCE TO CHINA, EXPERTS SAY “They let the entire trip of the balloon collect whatever data or information that it wanted as it hovered over some of the most sensitive military sites across the country. That’s certainly concerning. The whole administration needs to have a greater urgency with respect to national security and certainly with respect to the threat from China,” Turner told Fox News Digital. Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan joined Turner Monday in sending letters to top intelligence officials who called Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation.” “Absolutely,” Turner responded when asked if he would use subpoena power to get the requested answers from intelligence officials.  “We have a number of ongoing investigations concerning really troubling things within the U.S. government and the use of intelligence against American citizens, which is not supposed to occur. We’re certainly going to pursue those with all vigor, including our subpoena power. We need to bring these to the light of day, find out how they’re happening, where they’re happening, and pass legislation to make certain it doesn’t continue,” Turner added. Other top issues for the chairman include monitoring potential terrorists who cross the southern border and ensuring the intelligence community has the tools they need. “You know, our border is kind of like the Chinese spy balloon,” said Turner. “The president said that there was no threat to U.S. national security. He continues to say so about the border, even though there are people on the terrorist watch list that are walking across the border.” “Last year, nearly a hundred individuals were captured who were on the terrorist watch list. We have no idea how many made it through who were not captured,” he added. “This has to stop.” Petraeus told Fox News Digital in December that bolstering the U.S. military’s “core strength” and “will” to take on China and increasing aid for Ukraine should be top priorities for Congress. The general said the “most important” priority for the country that must be reflected in the NDAA is the United States and the West’s relationship with China and all things having to do with the Indo-Pacific, including the “transformation” of military services’ capabilities and a strengthening of the “will” of the U.S.

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