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North Carolina governor vetoes abortion bill, but GOP legislature may override

The governor of North Carolina vetoed GOP-led legislation that would put a 12-week limit on most abortions in the state.  Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill on Saturday in a public rally outside the North Carolina Legislative Building. NORTH CAROLINA’S REPUBLICAN LT GOV MARK ROBINSON LAUNCHES CAMPAIGN TO REPLACE DEMOCRAT GOV ROY COOPER The veto is likely not the end of the legislation, as Republican lawmakers plan to launch an override motion to push the abortion restrictions through without the governor’s assent. “If just one Republican in either the House or the Senate keeps a campaign promise to protect women’s reproductive health we can stop this ban,” Cooper said at the pro-choice rally.  NORTH CAROLINA LEGISLATURE PASSES ABORTION BAN FOR PREGNANCIES PAST 12 WEEKS, DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR VOWS TO VETO He continued, “But that’s going to take every single one of you to make calls, to send emails, to write letters. Tell them to sustain this veto. Tell them to ask the Republican leadership to stop it.” Democrats unsuccessfully attempted several parliamentary maneuvers to get the measure sent back to committee during an hours-long debate.  Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue of Wake County said it was unprecedented that all 20 members of the chamber’s Democratic caucus spoke on the floor about the bill.  He called the abortion vote “one of the most consequential things we have done in this chamber.” The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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