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Left-wing protestors swarm Texas Capitol, shut down proceedings on bill banning child gender surgery: Reports

Left-wing protestors swarmed the Texas state Capitol in Austin on Tuesday, forcing lawmakers to halt proceedings on a bill that would ban gender surgeries or other sex reassignment procedures being performed on children, according to multiple reports. One report said the protestors, made up of “advocates and parents of transgender kids,” numbered in the hundreds, and were eventually forced out of the House gallery by state police after disrupting the proceedings with chants opposing S.B. 14. According to The Texas Tribune, the protestors continued to chant in the lobby after being cleared from the gallery as state police ushered them through the building. Some protestors then engaged in a physical altercation with police, leading to one individual being detained. RIOT POLICE DESCEND ON MONTANA CAPITOL AS LEFT-WING PROTESTORS SHUT DOWN PROCEEDINGS: REPORTS Once the gallery was cleared, the vote on the bill was then delayed until later in the week after a parliamentary concern was raised. The details of the concern were not immediately clear. The incident at the Texas Capitol is the latest in a number of attempts by liberal protestors in favor of sex change treatment for minors to halt proceedings at state capitols across the country. Last week, riot police were forced to intervene when left-wing protestors caused a session of the Montana state House to be shut down when they showed up to oppose the censure of a transgender state lawmaker facing punishment for telling Republicans in the chamber they would have “blood” on their hands for supporting a similar bill. WOMAN SAYS SHE KNEW HER BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER WAS MEANT TO BE TRANS BECAUSE HER ‘FOOD CHOICES WERE ODD’ According to one Republican co-sponsor of the Texas bill, advocates also showed up at the state Capitol to express support for its passage, but it was not immediately clear how many there were, or if they were present in the gallery at the time of the disruption. This is a developing story. Check back for more updates.

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