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Hilaria Baldwin launches ‘Witches Anonymous’ podcast: ‘Please join our coven’

Hilaria Baldwin launches ‘Witches Anonymous’ podcast: ‘Please join our coven’

Hilaria Baldwin is on to a new business venture.

Hilaria, 38, took to Instagram on Monday to share her new “Witches Anonymous” podcast with Michelle Campbell. The yoga instructor shared that she’s been working on this project over the past year.

“Over the years, you have all turned this page into an incredibly inspiring and supportive community,” Hilaria began her caption.

“This project is about exploring women’s relationships with each other – both as the strongest support system and the fiercest adversaries. Women are often pitted against each other and made to be adversaries, fostering cutthroat competitiveness among us.”


She continued: “We will look to history, the feminist movements and witches’ stories to learn from the many women who support other women to gain wisdom and realize that we’re better when we work together. We’re going to break down those barriers and join forces to raise up every woman.”

Hilaria shared that all the women on her Instagram page are “sisters” to her, whom she is “grateful for daily.”

“It is having you all as my support system that has inspired me to create a safe space where we essentially go to therapy together and figure out how we can improve our relationships within our community,” Hilaria penned. 


“Please join our coven at Witches Anonymous, sharing your thoughts, fears, insecurities, and wisdom. We have so much to process and learn from in order to rise up. We owe this to ourselves, the women who struggled before us, and our daughters, granddaughters and other women who will live on after us,” she concluded.

Campbell, a jewelry designer, also took to her Instagram to announce the partnership with Hilaria. 

“With each episode we will take you on a historical deep dive into an analysis of why women tear each other down,” she wrote. “We will explore why women have been raised to be adversaries instead of teammates. Studying the patterns that have reinforced this for generations we will analyze how we got to a time dominated by mean girl culture. While studying this with compelling experts and guests, our aim is to build a strong community of sisterhood through these conversations and research. Let’s usher in a new space for resounding positivity and support.”

Campbell continued, “Through this lens we are also celebrating witches of the past, and I feel particularly honored to do so, being a descendant of one of the Salem Witches who was killed in 1692.”

This is Hilaria’s third podcast venture. She previously hosted “Mom Brain” with Daphne Oz and “What’s One More?” with her husband, Alec Baldwin. The pair’s first podcast episode came a few months after Hilaria’s heritage scandal and the Baldwins’ last episode was on Oct. 12, 2021, prior to the tragic “Rust” shooting.

Earlier this month, Alec took to Instagram to remember the late cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, one year after she was fatally shot on the set of “Rust” in New Mexico. 

“One year ago today…” Baldwin, 64, captioned the image of Hutchins. The actor limited the comments on the Instagram post, but fans were able to write a few thoughts.

“Such a sad day for you all,” one person wrote. “My deepest sympathies to her family and to you,” added another person. Others slammed Baldwin for sharing the post, with one person writing: “Inappropriate. This could be very misunderstood.” 

Hutchins died when a gun Baldwin was holding fired while practicing a scene on the New Mexico movie set on Oct. 21, 2021. The group had been rehearsing in a small church on the Bonanza Creek Ranch set.

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