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DeSantis launches presidential campaign, critics issue grim warning to Target and more top headlines

DeSantis launches presidential campaign, critics issue grim warning to Target and more top headlines
HAT IN THE RING – DeSantis launches 2024 presidential campaign highlighting his successes as Florida governor. Continue reading … ‘SEVERE DANGER’ – Critics issue grim warning to Target amid controversy over ‘woke’ politics displayed in stores. Continue reading … SIMPLY THE BEST – Rock ‘n’ roll soul icon Tina Turner dead at 83 after a long illness. Continue reading … HARROWING PREDICTION – AI could replace a slew of experienced workers within years. Continue reading … ‘BURN AFTER READING’ – Laundrie’s mom breaks silence after letter shows she promised her son a shovel, trash bag. Continue reading … – AT THE FOREFRONT – Rick Scott leads push to help parents keep kids safe from unrestricted AI. Continue reading … QUITE THE TAKE – Sen. John Fetterman torched for claim on ‘whole reason’ 14th Amendment is to be used. Continue reading … DEBT DENIAL – House votes to cancel Biden’s $400 billion student loan handout. Continue reading … GLOOMY FORECAST – Democrats claim GOP will ‘crash the economy’ to help Trump win in 2024. Continue reading … Click here for more cartoons… HOW DO THESE ‘ACTIVISTS’ GET HIRED – McEnany sounds off after machete-wielding professor threatens reporter. Continue reading … POLITICAL MOTIVATION – Twitter Files journalist rips IRS over home visit after agency finds it owes him money. Continue reading … ‘THE MEDIA HAS LOST ITS MIND’ – Vanity Fair gets backlash after smearing Elon Musk with David Duke comparison. Continue reading … ‘REALLY TIRED OF THIS’ – Whoopi Goldberg erupts on Target controversy after store moves Pride merchandise. Continue reading …   LAURA INGRAHAM – The 2024 path to victory is offering credible solutions to what worries voters most. Continue reading … GREG GUTFELD – We’re finally seeing what happens when you push nice people too far. Continue reading …   ‘A PURPOSE’ – How Tina Turner found happiness. Continue reading … ‘WILL DEFINITELY REPLACE ME’ – Americans fear artificial intelligence will steal their jobs. Continue reading … AT THE FOREFRONT – Nividia leading AI charge. Continue reading … REVENGE GONE WRONG – Ex-social worker faked brain cancer after false tip pol molested toddler. Continue reading … WOKEISM AND THE CHURCH – Indiana pastor challenges US faith leaders to sign pledge in face of wokeism: Preach ‘one true gospel’ only. Continue reading … WATCH: BISON BLOCKADE: A herd of bison were caught blocking a road in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming — and the traffic jam lasted at least 15 minutes as tourists had to wait out the animals. Check this out! See video …   WATCH: Civil Rights veteran says push for reparations about Dems keeping the black vote. See video … WATCH: 57% of voters want spending cuts in debt ceiling deal: poll. See video …   What’s it looking like in your neighborhood? Continue reading…         Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter LinkedIn   Fox News First Fox News Opinion Fox News Lifestyle Fox News Entertainment (FOX411)    Fox Business Fox Weather Fox Sports Tubi    Fox News Go Thank you for making us your first choice in the morning! We’ll see you in your inbox first thing Friday.
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