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2011 emails reveal Hunter Biden helped business associates get access to VP Biden, top aide: ‘I’ll do the mtg’

FIRST ON FOX: President Biden and his deputy chief of staff held a meeting with three of Hunter Biden’s business associates, at least one of whom was a foreign national, at the White House in the summer of 2011 when he was vice president, according to emails and White House visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital.  At the time of the meeting, Hunter was trying to secure a deal with those associates in bonds worth billions of dollars.  In June 2011, Hunter Biden and his business partner, Rosemont Seneca Partners (RSP) co-founder Devon Archer, were in talks with Sean Conlon, the future CNBC “The Deed” co-host and founder of Conlon & Co., about a potentially lucrative business opportunity if Hunter would be able to secure a meeting between his father and two of Conlon’s associates, Andre Lasserre and “Wang,” who is identified as Xi Wang in the visitor logs. Earlier, energy executive David Gamperl had emailed Conlon a contract that was sent to him by Nagi Ghawi, chairman/president of since-dissolved Mercantile Investment Group in the West Indies, which Gamperl said had “a real business model here” and would help them make a “substantial profit.” “Here is the current contract,” Gamperl told Conlon on June 22, 2011. “Proof of funds are in place and we may close this week. It has been a challenge in the management of procedures but I think we have it now. We will make substantial profit on this deal but market is between $230 to $380 million. I’m trying to close this bond immediately, as it opens up the flood gates on 29 other bonds that have less hair and much more value. I will also forward you copy of bond and verification from the perito (who is a government official who inspects the authenticity of the bond). Good stuff and I think we have a real business model here.” Despite forwarding this email to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, Conlon said, “I know Absolutely nothing about that.” He did not respond to any of Fox News Digital’s other questions. BLINKEN AND WIFE EMAILED FREQUENTLY WITH HUNTER BIDEN, RAISING QUESTIONS ABOUT ROLE IN LAPTOP COVER STORY Conlon then forwarded Gamperl’s email to Hunter and Archer, writing, “This is why I am putting up with this carnival! We need to put our heads together on this.” Later that morning, Ghawi emailed Conlon an “RSP – Mercantile Oil & Gas Corporation Proposal,” and appeared to suggest that a meeting with the vice president or his chief of staff would have to occur “ASAP” in order to access additional bonds worth billions of dollars through their “Andre Lasserre connection.” “I would like to confirm that I accept this letter of engagement based on 7% fees + 3% fees as a bonus if the first structured instrument (LTN) is executed within 60 days,” Ghawi wrote to Conlon. “This fee should cover all intermediaries’ fee and any additional fee should come out from this one. We have access through Andre Lasserre connection to at least 10 LTN’s but if we do not perform on the said meeting ASAP, we may not be in a position to have those LTN’s at our disposal.” BIDEN CAMPAIGN, BLINKEN ORCHESTRATED INTEL LETTER TO DISCREDIT HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY, EX-CIA OFFICIAL SAYS The next day, on June 23, 2011, Conlon forwarded Ghawi’s email to Hunter and wrote, “Ok see below. Need to discuss.” “Ok- what do we need to do moving forward?” Hunter asked. “I will discuss,” Conlon replied. “I got letter. I need email about event and a promise about meeting next week.” Minutes later, Conlon told Hunter that they had an engagement letter from Mercantile Investment, and that the company was stipulating that then-Vice President Biden had to “formally meet” with “these guys,” presumably Lasserre and Wang, in order for “more bonds to move.” In a Tuesday email to Fox News Digital, Ghawi said he “asked Mr. Sean Conlon and Mr. David Gamperl as I knew them from Chicago, to organize a meeting with the VP Biden or President Obama,” claiming it was “in their role as representative of the United States of America and not in their personal capacity.” “Mr. Sean Conlon and Mr. David Gamperl have good relation [sic] with Hunter Biden so it was easier for them to organize a meeting with the VP Biden,” he added. “So we have engagement letter if they get other 10 bonds they have a face value of 10b,” Conlon wrote in the June 2011 email. “While it is far fetched Devon said he talked to his professor and these get traded. We get 10% in fees. We need to get these guys to an event or something where they get to just formally meet your Dad. For follow on they can talk to Chief of Staff. Let me know how soon we can do that. [Very] brief. If Nagi gets that done we get more bonds to move.” A few hours later, Gamperl emailed Conlon, Ghawi and Conlon’s business associate, Benjie Burford, saying, “the face value is over $21 billion, as each bond is worth over $2.1 billion (this could vary as it depends on each bonds series, etc…)” “We can employ a couple of different strategies in generating profits, which would yield revenue of 22% to par of the face value,” Gamperl wrote. “A joint venture with a potential buyer is one likely methodology to which we would work together with a partner in achieving the highest value over a period of time. The other concept would be to sell a couple of bonds at a high discount and then deploy political capital and invest approximately $2 million per bond to provide full value to the bond.” Conlon then forwarded Gamperl’s email to Hunter and Archer. At first, Hunter bristled at the suggestion that he set up a meeting between the men and his father, but that demeanor quickly changed when he offered to meet with them himself. “WTF is he talking about. Mtg with JRB chief of staff????” Hunter said, replying to just Archer.  “I guess,” Archer responded. “I don’t think he understands how this works. I will advise him to stand down.” “Tell him I’ll do the mtg,” Hunter said. “Roger that,” Archer replied. Responding to Conlon and Hunter, Archer said, “I can’t say this isn’t interesting. Still find it difficult to imagine working out but I’m in!” “No I agree,” Conlon wrote to Hunter and Archer. “I ignored them first few times they were introduced to me. Then my friend was holding the first Bond at his bank and he called me to verify it is real. Now that doesn’t mean we can get them sold but its a free look. I guess all we need to figure is a 5 min introduction not a meeting in the next week otherwise the guy who flew over from Paris for event in Chicago will not provide the rest of bonds as he is sulking!” HUNTER BIDEN’S CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS DAD’S NEW CAMPAIGN CO-CHAIR REVEALED IN LAPTOP EMAILS Later that morning, Ghawi sent an email to Conlon informing him that Lasserre and Wang were currently in Washington, D.C., and that it was “extremely crucial and extremely urgent” to set up a meeting with them and “the Chief of Staff or VP or Both.” “Andre and Wang are in Washington this afternoon and tomorrow meeting the world bank representative for Latin America,” Ghawi wrote. “It is extremely crucial and extremely urgent to have meeting setup either late today or tomorrow morning with the Chief of Staff or VP or Both. This is the only possible outcome possible for all of us. Let us have a conference call to manage this.” Conlon then forwarded Ghawi’s email, and minutes later, Hunter fired back saying there wasn’t a “chance in hell” for such a meeting on such short notice. In the email, Hunter appeared to refer to at least one of the men as being a “foreign national.” “Sorry buddy not a chance in hell either is happening,” Hunter wrote. “Give me more then hours notice then maybe- but they are in middle of debt ceiling negotiations (I.e. Fate of world economy), defending ‘Biden Afghanistan Policy’ and whatever else. Beyond thy anyone who enters WH for a meeting has to be vetted by Secret Service and WH legal team which typically takes about one week- longer for a foreign national. I can meet with them myself but the other is not happening.” “Hey fair answer,” Conlon replied. “I am sitting in tuscany with Devon.! I will formally organize thru u. Enjoy your weekend.” In the following days, Hunter and Gamperl emailed back and forth ahead of their meeting on June 26, 2011, at “Al Grocery 12 20 Long beach.” It appears they may have had a phone call the day prior to the meeting, and on June 28, Gamperl said, “please let me know if you can talk this afternoon or when? I would like to provide an update to Andre and Nagi.”  A week after Gamperl’s meeting with Hunter, Gamperl met with Alan Hoffman, who was Vice President Biden’s deputy chief of staff, on July 3, 2011, at an unknown location. Lasserre appears to have been present at the meeting also. In the days leading up to the meeting, Gamperl appeared to panic because Conlon allegedly told him he was “concerned that I may not have passed the vet test, I think he is kidding…. Might we have confirmation for Sunday’s meeting?”  Hunter replied that he was “working out the details.” The next day, Hunter told Gamperl he was “cc’d with Alan Hoffman” and to coordinate with him.  “We are set. Thank you,” Gamperl responded.  A little over three weeks later on July 27, 2011, Hoffman met with Gamperl, Wang and Lasserre at the Old Executive Office Building (OEOB), according to White House visitor logs. The three business associates were at OEOB for about 30 minutes, arriving shortly before 5 p.m. and leaving shortly before 5:30 p.m., according to the logs, despite Conlon saying they only needed a “5 min introduction.” Despite emphasizing the importance of the White House meeting in emails, Ghawi claimed the “discussion that occurred in the White House I was not informed nor I was briefed.” He also claimed, “No business and no transaction was done with Mr. Hunter Biden, nor the VP Biden” even though the emails talk about “substantial profit” and how a brief meeting with then-Vice President Biden and his top aide could help them move bonds. About a year later, on July 30, 2012, Conor McKay, then-special assistant to Biden’s chief of staff, appeared to reference the meeting in an email to Hoffman and White House intern Sam Cohen saying he received a call from Ghawi seeking a follow-up. “This guy just called back – his name is Nagi Ghawi, and he is the assistant for Mr. Andre Lasserre and a Mr. Wang,” McKay wrote. “You and the VP met with them at the White House last year? He said he has a message for you as a follow up to that meeting, and would like to talk to you about it.” “He also said that if you have time while you are in Chicago that you could try to meet in person,” McKay added. An intern who initially took the call said in the same email chain that Ghawi “said you’d met them at the White House last year and he wanted to send you a text with info you needed for the VP.” Hoffman forwarded McKay’s email to Hunter, adding, “This is the guy with the magic paper that you had me meet with.” It is unclear whether he is talking about Ghawi or one of the other associates mentioned in the email who visited the White House in July 2011. Ghawi told Fox News Digital he reached out to the White House a year after the meeting as a “follow up on the meeting on the request of the President of the KUNLUN Family Mr. Xi Wang in order to know if the representative of United States of America in this case VP Biden reached a decision.” He did not clarify what that “decision” refers to. “Never heard back of the decision all the people involved went radio silence,” he added. “My Role in this matter was a coordinator for the President of the KUNLUN Family Mr. Xi Wang and Mr. Andre Lasserre,” Ghawi continued, providing a website that included zero references to what was discussed in the emails. “The purpose of the meeting was a humanitarian meeting involving the KUNLUN Family with the representative of United States of America. I enclose the official website of the KUNLUN Family.” When pressed for clarification regarding the discrepancy between his explanation and the content of the emails, Ghawi did not immediately respond. The White House, Hunter’s lawyer, Gamperl, McKay, and Hoffman did not respond to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment. Paul Kamenar, counsel to the National Legal and Policy Center NLPC), told Fox News Digital that the news could mean additional alleged violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), for which Hunter is currently being investigated in relation to his business dealings in Ukraine, China and others. “If this person or persons met with Biden at the behest of his son, Hunter, and Hunter somehow was being paid directly or indirectly to arrange that meeting, then we would argue that, yes, he would have to register as a foreign agent of that foreign entity,” Kamenar said. He said the emails provide “additional evidence to how the most serious charges of foreign agents registration problems are looming and need to be addressed.” “It strains credulity to think that his dad is totally clueless of what his son’s up to,” he added. President Biden has repeatedly insisted he had no knowledge of son Hunter’s business dealings, despite meeting with over a dozen of his son’s business associates over the course of his vice presidency. “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden said to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy as he jabbed his finger in his face on the campaign trail in Iowa in 2019. “You should be looking at Trump. Trump’s doing this because he knows I’ll beat him like a drum. … Everybody’s looked at it and said there’s nothing there. Ask the right question.” “I don’t discuss business with my son,” Biden said again a month later in October 2019. Fox News Digital reported last month that four business partners, a vice president and two assistants at Hunter’s now-defunct investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners visited the White House more than 80 times when his father was vice president in the Obama administration. Fox News’ Haley Chi-Sing contributed to this report.

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