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‘1923’ costume designer says Harrison Ford had more than 50 hats created for hit show

‘1923’ costume designer says Harrison Ford had more than 50 hats created for hit show
When it comes to nailing down Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s looks for the hit show “1923,” Emmy Award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant has got it covered.  During an interview with Fox News Digital, Bryant detailed what it was like creating a historic look for Ford and Mirren’s characters — married couple Cara and Jacob Dutton. “I’ll never forget, I had my first fitting with [Ford] and he was like, ‘Janie, do you have a three-way mirror?’ I said, ‘Of course, Harrison … let me show you. Step right here,’” she began to explain.  “He looks at himself in the mirror, has the hat on, the jacket, the chaps on. He puts his hands in his coat and he’s like, ‘Well, what can I tell you? This is f—ing perfect.’”  HARRISON FORD SAYS ‘1923’ ROLE ‘EMOTIONALLY RELATES’ TO HIS NEAR-FATAL PLANE CRASH The “1923” costume designer admitted she had to create nearly 50 hats for Ford until he found the right one for his character, Jacob. “The cowboy hat is an extension, an expression of who they are,” Bryant explained.  “One of the things that I talked to Harrison about was … he knows the importance of a hat … the certain style of [a] hat makes you famous, right? … Think about Indiana Jones and the fedora,” she said, referring to another one of Ford’s popular movie roles.  Fifty hats later, Bryant dished on how critical it was to provide Ford with the right accessory for the “Yellowstone” spinoff, “1923.” “This hat … for Jacob Dutton felt as important as any of those other characters created on screen,” she continued.  “I talked to Harrison a lot about [how] I feel like Jacob Dutton really must have the Montana peak crease … so that is the hat that he ended up with, and I named it ‘The Jacob.’”  As for Mirren’s character, Bryant went on to say how she and Ford are both “total” professionals to work with. She added that her and Mirren’s visions were “aligned” when creating the costume. ‘1923’ STAR HARRISON FORD SHARES SECRETS ABOUT SEASON TWO AND REVEALS WHY HE’LL NEVER RETIRE “Both Helen and I loved the idea that Cara would be old-fashioned … so I designed her costumes that were of an earlier period, which I love, because it really illustrates that she is from a different era, which was really important,” Bryant noted. “She has long hair, she wears it in a bun. It’s almost a Victorian-esque feel … I really wanted her to have those elements in her costume of being from a different period.” Taylor Sheridan, director of “1923” and “Yellowstone,” communicated to Bryant that a certain hat is critical when creating costume looks for each television character. “Taylor Sheridan he is super specific about what his leading men will wear when it comes to hats. I mean, he is a cowboy himself. He knows about hats.” In terms of making sure all the costumes accommodated the “1923” period, Bryant added that Sheridan can always count on her to do the job. “He is very passionate about what his shows look like and how they’re designed … one thing that I truly appreciate about him is that we have creative conversations, and we get to collaborate together,” Bryant remarked. “I always feel like there’s a lot of creative freedom in the process, which is amazing. He trusts me and relies on me to be able to do my job as a costume designer … I feel very blessed.” As for costume design challenges, Bryant pointed out that since the 1920s were 100 years ago, several of the materials — including silk — did not last, but she enjoys creating the period pieces. HARRISON FORD RESPONDS WITH NSFW ANSWER WHEN ASKED ABOUT CO-STAR, SAYS HELEN MIRREN IS ‘STILL SEXY’ Bryant further explained that she had to purchase certain fabrics from all over the world including Spain, Italy and England to complete “1923” costumes. Meanwhile, Bryant is no stranger to designing costumes for hit Hollywood shows. She is also the mastermind behind the costumes for the drama series “Mad Men.”  She revealed her secrets to what it takes to become a successful Hollywood costume designer. “A little bit of spice, a little bit of sweetness and being creative … diplomatic,” Bryant laughed. “I really do truly love what I do. I love working with the actors. I love the film business, too … But it’s so much fun to create things that people love and really identify with, like all these different amazing characters.” CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER Bryant’s costume designs are currently on display at the “1923” exhibit at the Paley Museum in New York City.  The original costumes show a carefully curated sample of more than 1,000 costumes, including those worn by Ford and Mirren, and is a stunning tribute to the iconic series.  The “1923” exhibit is available to visit until May 28.
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